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Nor will we condone sexual activity in public places

Nor will we condone sexual activity in public places

*Coming reservations will demand a different 4 evening/50% Verification Put Termination Borrowing tend to affect rooms harmony, appropriate for Off-peak hotels merely (May-Nov) and expires 2 yrs regarding fresh coming big date.

Termination Fees are waived in case there are Force Majuere. Force Majuere includes major system wide travel disruptions due to Tropical Storm or winter blizzard (or pandemic) but not ‘routine’ late arrivals or personal circumstances such as ‘my boss ate my ticket’ Fees may be waived for “rescheduling” vs. “cancellation” depending on lead time & seasonal factors.

We have been towards Eastern Basic Day most of the one year of the year The condition of Quintana Roo does not observe Daylight Discounts Date (Cancun, Cozumel, Tulum, Chetumal, Xcalak)

The newest Fine print

Delight to see Check-As time passes anywhere between dos:00 pm – pm Early arrivals will incur the ‘Day Use’ fee of $35 US per person. Late arrivals will find the gate closed and locked.

* Note: The Kitchen is CLOSED 2:00 pm – 6:30 pm >> which means lunch is not available upon arrival Check-Away Time: have always been Late departures subject to ‘Day Use’ fee of $35 US per person.

There is No phone service in Xcalak (no land lines or cellular) although we do have Wi-Fi internet via microwave tower relays. To check availability please contact us by e-mail:

The the most common questions are answered here: FAQs plus mucho helpful info for planning your vacation. For more pictures you may wish to visit the’legacy’ Playa Sonrisa website: playasonrisa (best viewed on a bigger screen)

Get better bookings are expected not only because our capacity is small but also to allow us to plan ahead for food & labor needs as resources in Xcalak are quite limited. Playa Sonrisa also closes occasionally for projects or our own travels.

November – December In the event the rainfall go away, thus perform the bugs. That days render the fresh new return out of cool night to go in addition to charming weeks, and continued away from-level rates.

Please Note: The kitchen are closed was- noon and you will 2:00-6:00 pm. Soft drinks & a snack box are available in Loco

If spa “action” otherwise one thing-goes horny events are the thing that you are searching for we highly recommend pay a visit to Wants close Cancun otherwise Hedonism for the Jamaica

In the event your hustle & bustle regarding high-rise accommodations, condos, super hotel and you can timeshare vendors & operation dinner & discos & t shirt stores & para-gliders & banana hoses & crowds of noisy visitors are your style – we suggest vacation to Cancun. But if one audio as everyday Pit of debt one you want some slack from – the latest quiet tranquility & solitude at Playa Sonrisa is merely exactly what the Doc ordered.

Stick to the path southern other 55km into the T regarding the path, change east toward water (left) and you will proceed 2 kilometres towards Xcalak. As you enter the town, go kept in the soccer industry and consistently this new waterfront. Remain northern courtesy area, meander within the lighthouse and you may run a half stop off to the latest bridge in which the northern coastline street starts. (XTC Dive Center could well be

Even be told it’s required that all the “plumbing” underneath the hips end up being protected upwards about food palapa while in the meal times – trousers, a bath towel, or pareo coastline wrap must be used whenever food service is available. That isn’t to say do not wanna have some fun, otherwise you to we have never really had ‘body shots’ on the pub once buffet instances, however if orgies are on the plan excite bring your own enjoy partners given that our very own hospitality does not expand a little you to much.

Termination Policy Cancellation 120+ days in advance receives a refund minus $25 Cancellation Fee Cancellation 90-119 days in advance receives a refund minus 1 night Cancellation Fee Cancellation 60 – 89 days in advance receives a CREDIT* minus a 2 night Cancellation Fee Cancellation 30 – 59 days in advance receives a CREDIT* minus a 3 night Cancellation Fee Cancellations 29 days or less in advance forfeit the 4 night / 50% Deposit

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